Seminal works in Robotic Manipulation
compiled for
IROS’2014 Workshop on Robot Manipulation:
What has been achieved and what remains to be done?
Organizers: Erol S¸ahin and Siddhartha Srinivasa
Sept. 14, 2014
Title: What has been achieved and what remains to be done: Much and much.
Speaker: Matt Mason, Carnegie Mellon University
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Title: Minimalist Design, where Hardware gets Hard
Speaker: William T. Townsend, Barrett Tech.
Seminal events:
1987 WAM-arm beginnings at MIT. Pre-haptics, mechanical bandwidth, and 2nd-Law thermodynamics. Robots
that work with people.
US Patent 4,903,536 Cable differential.
US Patent 5,046,375 High-speed cable drives
US Patent 5,207,114 Whole-arm manipulation
US Patent 5,193,963 Force-reflecting teleop master
1988 Barrett founded offering high-end robotic-manipulation alternatives for researchers pushing the limits of
US Patent 5,388,480 Cable-drive pretensioner
US Patent D352,050 Robotic wrist
US Patent D351,849 Robotic shoulder
1989-2001 Impossibly tough going(!)
1995 Introduction of the Barrett Hand, a minimalist design.
US Patent 4,957,320 Hand clutch break-away mechanism
US Patent 5,501,498 Hand spread action
US Patent 7,168,748 Eye-In-Hand
2004 The Puck brushless motor controller and birth of the modern WAM. Major breakthrough.
US Patent 7,854,631 Puck – Primary patent very broad claim
US Patent 7,511,443 Puck – Secondary patent narrower claims
US Patent 7,893,644 Puck – Secondary patent on heat-transfer
2014 Puck (P3) finished at 2.5 grams and diameter of a penny.
2015 New applications – Proficio – human-scale haptics for stroke rehabilitation.
Title: How to think about robot hands and grasping.
Speaker: Robert D. Howe, Harvard U.
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Title: Manipulation planning: past, present and future.
Speaker: Tom´as Lozano-P´erez, MIT.
Motion planning + Grasp Planning
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Title: Learning and Optimization in Robotic Manipulation
Speaker: Pieter Abbeel, UC Berkeley.
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