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WebBibTeX provides you with an interface for gathering and maintaining BibTeX entries on the web.

BibTeX is a program that creates bibliographies for LaTeX.


WebBibTeX lets you:

  • create entries for all reference types of BibTeX.
  • see your entries both in html and BibTeX format.
  • modify and delete all your entries easily.
  • search through your records using simple and advanced search facilities.
  • keep an account of the journal names, both automatically adding them to the 'Journals List' when specified the for the first time, or specifically adding, modifying and deleting journal names using the seperate 'Manage Jounals' page.
  • add comments/summaries for the entries which appear in the html view of the entries.
  • choose some of the entries, and export them to a pure text file in BibTeX format, which you can save and use.
  • automatically generate keys for your references. It uses the first three letters of the first surname supplied as the author, and the last two digits of the publishing year. If this key already exists it tries to concatenate with 'a', then 'b', then 'c' ...
  • use WebBibTeX for different projects, where you will only see the entries for a specific project.
  • a user account system where an administrator can create accounts for users, with different permissions. A user with appropriate permissions can modify or delete her/his entries only. Also the comments/summaries will be marked with the name of their authors. Guests with no user account can also view the entries but can not make changes.
  • uploading the original papers as a .pdf or .ps file for the entries; and having the choice of opening them to public usage or letting only the users with an account see them.


We are planning to add the features:

  • An extension to WebBibTeX, by which you can supply BibTeX formatted files as inputs. WebBibTeX will parse and save them to its database for you.

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